P&C INTERNATIONAL DAIRY JSC was established in 2016
All beginnings start with a desire. For P&C, we began our journey with one desire: to improve public health.

My story of lacking milk: I was born in 1978 when a big flood occurred, every family was in difficulties. My mom had to work hard to cover the family’s needs, so I couldn’t have enough breast milk. Furthermore, being not able to digest cow’s milk, I became malnourished and couldn’t walk until 3 years of age. As a result, I am always one of the smallest people compared to my peers.

My son’s story of lacking milk: My first son was born in 2001, two weeks after giving birth, I got diarrhea and stopped feeding my son by breast milk some days, using cow’s milk instead. Then I breastfed him again but my milk supply decreased and couldn’t provide all amount of milk he needed. When my son was 15 years old, he told me, “I am less tall and intelligent than my younger brother because I was less breastfed”. This statement made me regret and torment so that I desired to find a milk source being closest to breast milk. Eventually, I found GOAT MILK and nursed to bring this “Second breast milk source” to Vietnamese children as a nutritious and easily digestible drink source.

Cooperating with Mang Den which is Vietnam’s biggest goat milk farm in Southeast Asia, after years of research and development, we have successfully created K2 Goat Milk – the first fresh goat milk for the Vietnamese market. With exclusive technology and cooling technique, the milk is chilled to 1 °C immediately after milking and kept at this temperature all the way to the factory. As soon as reaching the factory, the milk is produced instantly to guarantee fresh milk as freshly squeezed, we have created K2 Goat Milk product lines with pure natural nutritional value.

Following on from this success, P&C continues to research and launch new, healthy beverages with many product lines:

-K2 Goat Milk

-K2 Organic

-K2 Chia

-Fresh Fruits in Syrup

We believe that nature is the best medicine for human health.

We also believe that everyone has the right to access natural nutrients.


Good beverages, healthy life.