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Essential properties of alkaline ionized water

Alkaline ionized water with many different names such as alkaline drinking water, hydrogen-rich alkaline ionized water, hydrogen water, hydrogen water… is a type of drinking water researched and developed in Japan.

Alkaline ionized water is created from a water electrolysis device. When clean water runs through the water electrolysis machine, positive ions such as Ca, Mg, K, Na… move towards the cathode (Catode). At the same time, at the negative electrode, water molecules receive electrons (e-) from the electrodes to form active hydrogen (hydrogen). Therefore, at the negative electrode of the electrolysis device, alkaline ionized water containing key substances and active hydrogen is obtained.

The remaining negative ions such as Cl, SO4, HCO3, NO3… will move to the positive electrode (anode) and here, slightly acidic water will be obtained.

Currently, alkaline ionized water is the only type of drinking water certified by medical professionals to improve some digestive disease symptoms in Japan and Korea.

Necessary properties of alkaline ionized water (Alkaline ionized water)

There are many methods to make water alkaline such as: Using dry alkaline powder, adding alkaline minerals, adding table salt to clean water for electrolysis, etc. But alkaline ionized water is obtained from advanced water electrolysis technology ( without using chemicals) must ensure the following 5 properties:

     Highly alkaline (pH 8.5-9.5), no chemicals used

Alkaline ionized water (Life ion water) has a pH index of 8.5 – 9.5 with natural alkalinity like green vegetables, good for the abdomen. When regularly used this drink, it helps our bodies maintain an ideal blood pH level of 7.3 – 7.4. At the same time, the effect of alkaline ionized water will neutralize acid in the body, balance metabolism and prevent disease.

Contains a lot of active hydrogen, has antioxidant properties

During the electrolysis of water, water molecules receive electrons (e-) from the electrode to form active hydrogen (hydrogen). Active hydrogen contained in alkaline ionized water has the ability to neutralize free radicals, help cells stay healthy, slow down the aging process, increase resistance and maintain beauty.

There are clusters of small, fine water molecules

Also an outstanding feature of Alkaline ionized water during the electrolysis process changes the structure of molecular clusters in alkaline drinking water to be much smaller than normal drinking water.

Specifically: Alkaline ionized water molecular cluster (5-6hz) and regular drinking water from (10-12hz). Thanks to small clusters of fine water molecules, alkaline drinking water promotes metabolism, helps better blood circulation, and quickly eliminates toxins…

Has rich natural mineral content

The rich natural mineral content is one of the healthful differences when using alkaline ionized water regularly. Each liter of alkaline ionized drinking water contains essential minerals of about 160-180 mg/liter in ionic form, making it easy for the human body to absorb, especially good for the growth and formation of bones.

Has a natural sweet taste and is easy to drink

Unlike natural mineral water with a mineral content of over 350 mg/liter and a salty taste, Life ion water is exploited from rare underground water, contains balanced mineral content, has a naturally sweet taste and is easy to drink.

Health benefits of alkaline ionized water

Many domestic and foreign medical experts have advised people to use alkaline drinking water to help prevent diseases such as: intestinal diseases (constipation, indigestion, bloating, abnormal fermentation in the stomach). thick…), preventing aging.

In Japan, alkaline ionized water has been certified to effectively “improve gastrointestinal diseases”. It is expected and evaluated to be effective in improving some disease symptoms and acting as a health-improving nutrient that other types of water do not have.

According to medical experts, using alkaline ionized water with a pH index of 8.5 – 9.5 will help neutralize excess acid in the body, eliminate chemicals, bacteria, dirt… When using foods rich in Alkalinity also helps increase longevity, and this is also the secret to long life of Japanese people who have used this type of water for over 50 years.

Where to buy alkaline ionized drinking water?

Currently, customers can easily purchase K2 Alkaline Ionized water (Alkaline ionized water K2) at all stores, supermarkets and home delivery agent systems throughout 24 districts in the City. Ho Chi Minh and the WESTERN and EASTERN regions, or buy K2 Alkaline Ionized water on the company’s Fanpage and Website.

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