Was established in 2016 with a focus on becoming a pioneer of producing 100% fresh goat milk products in Vietnam. After years of research and development, we have successfully created K2 Goat Milk – the first fresh goat milk for the Vietnamese market. 

Following this success, P&C International Food Joint Stock Company has launched a line of healthy beverage products to the market. Have clear goals, vision and specific strategies in the beverage product segment, supplying the domestic market and exporting to more than 100 countries around the world.
The company's products meet international quality with strict standards for export to demanding markets such as the EU, US, Korea, etc.
With the criterion "Eat clean, Drink clean", the company always carefully selects clean ingredients, grown and harvested according to certain standards, and according to the 2-no criteria:
+ Does not contain chemical residues
+ Does not contain heavy metals
P&C International Food Joint Stock Company's products are produced according to a closed process, achieving food hygiene and safety certifications.



Become the leading fresh goat milk and fresh fruit juice brand in Vietnam and a reliable partner of worldwide customers. 


We desire to bring healthier products from fresh fruit and clean milk sources in Vietnam to the world by producing high-quality products and most importantly – satisfy you – our B2B business partner all around the world.